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What's New at Kanji Kaimono!

Strand Clothing has added three products:

• Tokyo Bay Hip Hop T Shirt

• Japanese Robot - Titanium Cyberlord - Anime Manga Style Printed T Shirt

• Tokyo Roadrunner Kaminari Tribe Japanese Graphic Printed T Shirt

Chin Music Press has posted one of my favorite books in the world, Are You an Echo? The Lost Poetry of Misuzu Kaneko! I'm thrilled

For all of May 2018, the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative has run guest blogs about Japanese literature in translation. A whopping six of the blogs have connections to Kanji Kaimono!

• Jay Rubin, author of the novel Sun Gods, wrote a post called "Sinking Into a Classical Sunset."

• Zack Davisson wrote a fascinating piece about the challenges of translating sound effects in manga. His own works, Yurei: The Japanese Ghost and Kaibyo: The Supernatural Cats of Japan, are available on Kanji Kaimono.

• Both Davisson books were published by Chin Music Press founder Bruce Rutledge, whose blog post blew me away. It's about how he pitted Davisson's translation skills against those of Jay Rubin. I thought about Rutledge's piece for the rest of the day!

• Stone Bridge Press publisher Peter Goodman specializes in publishing books about Japan (many of which are for sale here), and he wrote a thoughtful post about what it's like to publish literature in translation.

• Frederik L. Schodt, author of The Four Immigrants Manga, wrote a behind-the-scenes account of how he came to write that book.

• I (Eve Kushner) write about all things kanji-related, including the book Crazy for Kanji, and I wrote a two-part post about kanji: "Pun Potential" and "Mishima's Mischief."

Inksongs has added two tote bags with very cute animals: a panda and a kitten. Each bag is an original and is hand-painted to order. You can even personalize the wooden heart. It doesn't have to say "Mom"! See the individual pages for more information about that.

Finally, we've updated our Privacy Policy in conjunction with the EU's General Data Protection Regulations ("GDPR"). The GDPR is designed to protect the security of all users in the European Economic Area and went into effect on May 25, 2018. Although the GDPR is a European law, we are taking this opportunity to clarify our privacy policies for all of you, making it easier to understand what data we collect and how we use such data.

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About Kanji Kaimono and Eve Kushner

My name is Eve Kushner, and I'm a writer in California. Kanji Kaimono is an offshoot of my site Joy o' Kanji, where you can find essays about Joyo kanji (the characters the Japanese use every day), along with games, mnemonics, photo albums, and much more. All those tools will help you understand and love kanji deeply, but there's nothing quite like being able to wear, hold, and proudly display kanji. To meet that need, I created Kanji Kaimono. Here you'll find all sorts of merchandise with kanji on the surface—anything from clothing to saké bottles to jewelry to art. The options are endless!

私の名前はイブクシュナーであり、私はカリフォルニアの作家です。漢字Kaimonoはあなたがゲーム、ニーモニック、フォトアルバム、および大いに多くと一緒に、常用漢字(文字日本語毎日使うもの)についてのエッセイを見つけることができます私のサイトの Joy o' Kanji の分派です。すべてのこれらのツールは、あなたが深く理解し、愛の漢字に役立ちますが、非常に表示誇らしげに漢字を、着用したまま、することができるというようなものは何もありません。そのニーズを満たすために、私は漢字Kaimonoを作成しました。ここでは、技術と宝石に酒のボトルに衣類から表面上は何も漢字で商品のすべての種類を見つけることができます。オプションは無限大です!

Sell on Kanji Kaimono

Would you like to be a vendor on Kanji Kaimono? You would reach a very targeted group because thousands of kanji lovers come to this site every month.

How It Works
• Each item you sell must have kanji somewhere on its surface or label. Katakana and hiragana alone won't cut it. We need kanji! Hanzi are also okay. Calligraphy-related items are acceptable even if they bear no kanji.
• It will cost you nothing to display your products electronically on Kanji Kaimono! There is no risk!
• Kanji Kaimono will not store your inventory. We are like a shop window that simply displays images of your products. see more

Kanji Kaimonoにお店を出そう!

Kanji Kaimonoへの出店をご希望ですか? 毎月数千の漢字愛好家の方々が当サイトを訪れますので、それらの方々を顧客層として開拓できます。

• ご出品の商品には、表面またはラベルに漢字が書かれている必要があります。カタカナ・ひらがなのみが書かれた商品は販売できません。漢字が必要です! 中国語の漢字(繁体字、簡体字)でも結構です。ただし例外として、書道関連の商品については、漢字が書かれていなくても販売できます。
• 当サイトに商品を表示させるのに、料金はかかりません! リスクもありません!もっと見ます