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Kanji Kaimono

For All Your Kanji Shopping Needs!

Sell on Kanji Kaimono!

Would you like to be a vendor on Kanji Kaimono? You would reach a very targeted group because thousands of kanji lovers come to this site every month.

How It Works
• Each item you sell must have kanji somewhere on its surface or label. Katakana and hiragana alone won't cut it. We need kanji! Hanzi are also okay. Calligraphy-related items are acceptable even if they bear no kanji.
• It will cost you nothing to display your products electronically on Kanji Kaimono! There is no risk!
• Kanji Kaimono will not store your inventory. We are like a shop window that simply displays images of your products.
• If someone buys your products on Kanji Kaimono, you will receive an email notification and will ship the item to the customer.

Let's Get Started!
To become a Kanji Kaimono vendor, go to https://store.joyokanji.com/vendor/register
Once you've registered, we will review your vendor account. If everything seems okay, you will receive a notification email. (Please check your spam folder if you don't immediately receive it.) That email will contain a link to the page you're currently on, and when you click it, you'll be able to see icons for two PDFs. Please download those and proceed with creating your store.
• One has more information about how it works to be a vendor on Kanji Kaimono.
• The other gives detailed information about how to create a store on the site.
At any point in the process, feel free to email me with questions at evekushner [at] yahoo.com (but of course don't write "[at]").
I look forward to hearing from you!