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Enfu Inks


Prolific digital artist Enfu had a bright debut with Cute Grit (Chin Music Press, 2014), which merges a childlike imagination with a serious exploration of Asian-American identity. He has followed that work with Enfu Inks, a black-and-white extravaganza of bizarre characters and bilingual wisdom. This frenetically paced book is at turns macabre, grotesque, cute, and silly. It is a testament to Enfu's love of drawing and prolific productivity. Pages overflow with offbeat characters and equally offbeat wisdom.

About the Author
Ken Taya, also known as Enfu, is a bilingual Japanese-American artist based in Seattle and San Francisco. Cute Grit is a compilation of his digital artwork from 2004 to 2014. In this new book, Ken returns to his analog roots, using black ink on shikishi boards.

Ken currently works as a producer for the mobile-gaming company Supercell. He has been in the video-game industry since 2002 and has worked on such franchises as Halo and Scribblenauts. He has also worked on various other titles in mobile, console, and PC gaming.

Praise for Enfu Inks
"Anyone who flips through this book will enjoy watching the characters crammed into every corner of these pages come to life and energetically bounce around. You’ll want to burst into these pages and dance along with them." -- Katsuya Terada, the Doodle King

Ken Taya aka Enfu
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