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Kanji Kaimono

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Japan 365: A Drawing-a-day Project


日本 is simply "Japan" and 365 is how many original ball pen illustrations all about Japan you will find in this mega art book.

For students learning Kanji, for art aficionados, for Japanese fashion, food and history buffs, JAPAN 365 has chapters on everything from Kyoto to Yokai, from cute characters to music and dance. It also includes a massive chapter on people, both famous and everyday, those that make Japan so special - a country full of mystery and rich with heritage, an island all its own.

Leave JAPAN 365 on your coffee table, for its weight in one single volume will leave you endlessly flipping through, unearthing interesting tidbits of obscure info you can wow your Japan-o-phile friends with!

J Muzacz
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