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Kanji Kaimono

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Kanji Box: Japanese Character Collection


Japanese characters served up with histories and cultural clues to help you decorate your skin, body, and life with just the right word!

Kanji Box: Japanese Character Collection
By Shogo Oketani and Leza Lowitz

Bold, visual, profound, symbolic: Japanese kanji characters communicate powerful graphic messages that look great on skin, walls, stationery, T-shirts, and more. Here are dozens of edgy, targeted characters hand-picked to help you find the inner you and express yourself in a distinctive stylish way. With cultural clues, readings, font varieties, and ideas for proper use. Don’t embarrass yourself with bad ink!

Shogo Oketani is an editor and author in Tokyo, Japan, and a long-time student of Japanese martial arts, philosophy, poetry, and history. Leza Lowitz is the author of 20 books of fiction and poetry, including several from Stone Bridge Press, and is owner and teacher at Sun and Moon yoga studio in Tokyo, Japan.

144 pp, 6 x 6”, B&W illustrations

Shogo Oketani and Leza Lowitz
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